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Why this site?

There are lots of websites that engage in the exchange of ideas about the existence of God. So why another?

  • Most websites tend to advance the ideas of the site sponsor rather than engaging with the ideas of those with whom the site sponsor takes exception. TAS begins with statements made by popular atheists of the present and past and then explains why, in light of evidence and reason, they don't make sense.

  • Some websites are mean-spirited. TAS is not. It is possible to engage in discussion and debate without being rude. If ideas are valid, name-calling isn't required.

  • Some  websites are are too academic and others are too pop-culture oriented. TAS seeks to be engaging, thought provoking, substantive and not boring.   

The site author

Patrick Prill is passionate about theism - that God exists. He is also passionate about family and business. It is, after all, possible to be passionate about more than one thing.


Patrick earned a MA in Theology and a MA in Church History from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He also earned a BBA in Economics from the University of Memphis. He's been active in advancing the case for Christian theism and has partnered with college ministries for years. Among them are CRU, InterVarsity, Rutgers United, Chi Alpha, Young Life and Ratio Christi. Since retiring, he has increased his involvement in teaching, writing and helping campus ministries.

Before retiring, Patrick was Managing Director, Partner, Chief Information Officer, COO and Executive Committee member of some of the world's premier investment firms. He was also President and Board Member of a leading hedge fund and private equity fund administrator.

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